Vegan macarons Masterclass

What are macarons made of?

Traditionally, the shells contains simple ingredients: ground almonds, icing sugar, and egg whites.

But with the plant-based revolution, it is now possible to make eggless, perfect macarons that look exactly like the traditional ones.

What are we using then? Well we have two options. Either we use aquafaba (the chickpea water), or potato protein. At Cocolico we choose the potato protein.


Let's make macarons together

The potato protein method

Potato protein is a by-product of the extraction of the potato starch. They are not to be confused.

The main advantages of using potato protein are convenience, stability, and great results.

  • No chickpeas to deal with
  • Long shelf life
  • Economical and practical
  • No after taste and great texture

This course is for you if…

  • You have a passion for baking, and want to learn a new skill.
  • You have your own catering business and would love to offer vegan macarons to your clients.
  • You have tried to make vegan macarons before but failed at every attempt.


Here's the solution

Let me me present you…

The only class you will need to make vegan macarons from the comfort of your own kitchen

  • Pre-recorded professional videos: watch and make at any time that suits your schedule
  • The recipe for the macarons shells and 2 delicious filling recipes
  • Templates and recipe files to download
  • Bonus: how to make extra cute bunny shaped macarons
  • Lifetime access and all updates

‘Is this course for me?’

The course is suitable for all levels. It helps if you already know how to hold a piping bag though!

However you will need to invest some time and effort, have the adequate equipment (absolute necessity to possess a standing mixer and a digital scale jewellery precision type for example) and source the potato protein. I recommend using Potatowhip Sosa.


Unleash your inner pastry chef

Last but not least

The course is also available in French!

Alors à vos marques, prêts? Pâtissez!

Je rejoins la formation Macarons vegan (en Français)

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