Welcome to Cocolico,

An independant home-based pâtisserie based in Reading, Berkshire. Founded in 2018, we create the finest plant-based desserts without compromise on quality, taste and beauty.

You’ll find us trading at local markets with a wide selection of petit gâteaux. We can also provide bespoke, made-to-order celebration desserts for every occasion.

In addition, we have now launched our first online masterclass, where you will learn how to make vegan macarons. We also offer face to face baking classes.

So whether you follow a plant-based diet or just like beautiful desserts, you will always find something to love at Cocolico.

Latest update

In addition to the local markets, we are now offering vegan afternoon tea on a monthly basis and  hosting vegan baking classes!

Please check the events page for more details.

I also continue to bake to order for all your celebrations. Please get in touch for more information.

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